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Building an app to help you scroll less and live more starts with what you know and how you apply it.

Albert is curious

So... this page is a collection of resources to help you explore your curiosity, scroll less, and overall improve your current existence.

Curiosity determines success

β€œSuccess in anything is just a byproduct of learning, and learning is a byproduct of curiosity. Ultimately, if you are curious about something, you will be successful at it, and the more curious you are about it, the more successful you will be at it.” – Naval Ravikant

Yes, this may just be a simple wall of text with some pictures and links, but it's the simple things that we tend to overlook.

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You Were Built to Create Cool S**t this is a book that the creator of this app (hey πŸ‘‹ its me) wrote. It also goes into extensive detail on following curiosity and how useful it is for creating the life you want to inhabit.

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